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Our shared Vision

We want St Matthews in Leicester to be a place -
Which is cleaner and greener
  • St Matthews Big Local helped with funding for the community allotment on Manitoba Road.

  • Developed the area on McKenzie Way and installed raised flower beds.

  • Planted 10,000 bulbs at the Austin Jackson memorial garden site.

  • Organised annual litter pick and clean up days across the area.

  • Organised a Litter poster competition with Taylor Road School. 

  • Funded 13 new litter bins at various location across the area.

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Which is safe and secure.
  • Installed 3 new high-quality CCTV cameras across the estate. Including a portable lampost mounted camera which can be moved to any hotspots.

  • Supported the introduction of Neighbourhood Watch

  • Funded more Police community meeting.

  • Improved environmental features to enhance the area such as the new Cruyff Court- St Matthews.

  • Funded 1000's of places at positive activity events to engage our community in positive activities to help to prevent boredom and ASB.

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Where everyone is appreciated, valued and respected. 
  • In 2018 we brought the community together when negative articles appeared in the press for Punish a Muslim day. We celebrated our diversity and strength as a community. 

  • In 2019 we started a youth panel and they decided to launch a talent competition called St Matthews got talent.

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Where everyone can reach their full potential and local business flourish.
  • Funded a business liaison and advice consultant 

  • Arrange and facilitates a business conference with guest speakers.

  • Raising the profile of St Matthews to encourage more visits to the area.

  • March 2019. Launch award winning LoyalFree App for free to local business for 12 months.

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Where we can celebrate diversity, talent and creativity. 
  • Funded various art lead projects with Phoenix Arts and StudionAme.

  • Grant funded local resident artist lead workshop.

  • Facilitate a yearly community parks days event with regular talent and cultural shows 

  • Supported various cultural groups based in the local area. 

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