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St Matthews Big Local

Willow Street Multi-Use Games Area

Terms and conditions of use.


  1. This site is private land and is managed and operated by St Matthew’s Big Local (Leicester) (The Charity). Charity Number 1166668. Those persons entering or using the site are entering a contractual agreement.
  2. The Charity will take all reasonable steps to ensure that the site and its facilities are regularly maintained and comply with all legal and statutory health and safety requirements. If any health and safety concerns are identified by users they must be reported immediately to
  3. These facilities may be used by residents who live in St Matthews free of charge from 08.00 until 10.00pm every day when the facility is not booked. Prior bookings and free availability will normally be displayed on the site information screen. If the information screen is not operating a booking calendar can also be found on our website
  4. Any individuals, organised groups, youth groups, sports teams, football teams, organisations, businesses, schools, charities or unincorporated groups or similar that are either from St Matthew’s or from outside the area must book the Cruyff Court, Tennis Court, Basket Ball Court or whole site on our website and if the booking is accepted must to pay the relevant fees in advance* and agree to the terms and conditions of use. *Discounts may apply.
  5. Any group using the facility without prior booking will be invoiced for said usage, plus £100 surcharge to cover administration costs.
  6. Those using the facilities free of charge agree to abide by the 14 Rules of Cruyff foundation and local rules at all times.
  7. St Matthew Big Local (Leicester) its Trustees, Staff or agents reserve the right to ask anyone to leave the site without notice or reason.
  8. CCTV is used at the site for the purpose of the prevention and detection of crime, prevention of Anti Social Behaviour. Our Policy is available on our website and on request. St Matthews Big Local (Leicester) are the data controllers.
  9. St Matthews Big Local does not accept any liability for any lost or stolen items, or for any injury to any persons using this site/facility.
  10. No dogs or other animals are permitted on site unless they are service dogs.
  11. The outdoor gym equipment is free to use at all times and is owned and managed by Leicester City Council.




Managed by –

St Matthews Big Local (Leicester). Charity Number 1166668.

 St Matthews House, 25 Kamloops Crescent, Leicester. LE1 2HX. Ph: 0116 2518737.




Email –



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