Staying Safe at our Multi Use Games Area - Covid 19 . 

  • If you’re sick, or showing symptoms of Covid-19, don’t go. Don’t infect others. Don’t risk your mates

  • When you pay you can book online and all bookings are contactless. 

  • Wash /sanitize your hands before you play. Use our hand sanitising station outside the What Cabin, or bring your own. 

  • Wash /sanitize your hands after your game – wash your hands when you come off the pitch

  • Observe government recommended social distancing when waiting to play and when your spectating. 

  • Aim for the elbow. If you’re going to cough or sneeze, do it into your elbow. That is the safest way of doing it when you are actually playing. 

  • No spitting. This is a clear and obvious way in which the infection is spread

  • Do not share drinks bottles, only use your own bottle.

  • Face coverings – if you are using a disposable face-covering please do not discard this on the pitch – make sure you place this safely in the bin after use

  • Remove your own litter from the pitch - then others do not need to handle it

  • Arrive in your kit and ready to play. 

Covid 19 refund guarantee. 

  • If you have to cancel your game due to one of your team mates becoming unwell we will refund your fee. 

  • If we have to cancel your game due to a local lockdown or other Covid 19 safety restrictions we will refund your fee.